Citronella Oil Blend BZZZZ Roll-On

Mommy Care
Mommy Care
Mommy Care specializes in developing and manufacturing organic and natural skincare products for mothers and babies.
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This natural product contains special essential oils. For indoor and outdoor use. An excellent natural product for travelers.
The blend is made from pure oils to nourish and protect skin from dryness, is safe to use on babies, and has a gentle fragrance the whole family will love.

Barcode (UPC)  Unit Weight  Packaging   Unit per Carton  Carton Per Pallet  Total units per pallet  
7290018080719  50 ml  bottle + carton  12  300  3600 
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Chemical Free
Compact Packaging
Long Shelf Life
Not Tested on Animals
Paraben Free
PVC Free
Unique Design

Technical Information

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Storage Condition

Not required temperature monitoring

Shelf Life 3 Years
Lead Time 90 Days
MOQ Production 480 Units
MOQ Packaging (PL) TBD
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