Hot Zhoug

Zahavi Ha’Kerem
Zahavi Ha’Kerem
Zahavi Ha’Kerem are master craftsmen of Yemenite umami flavours with their exclusive Zhuog spice mix.
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Discover the allure of our Hot Zhoug sauce with its traditional Yemeni recipe of unique flavors and spice mixture, kept as a family secret for over 200 years. Our Hot Zhoug sauce is crafted from fresh hot peppers and Zahavi’s exclusive blend of herbs and elite spices, developed over 55 years.

Whether used as a spread or incorporated into cooking, this flavourful Yemenite mixture elevates every dish, with a deep umami flavor.

Barcode (UPC) Unit Weight Packaging Unit per Carton Carton Per Pallet Total units per pallet
 7290000462141 150 g Plastic jar 24 143 3432
220 g Plastic jar 12 165 1980
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Dairy Free
Gluten Free
No Added Sugar
Plants Based

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Storage Condition


Shelf Life 150 Days
Lead Time 1 Month
MOQ Production 1 Pallet
MOQ Packaging (PL)



ISO 9001


Kosher-Beit Yosef

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