Pearl Couscous


A lightly toasted round pasta  made of 100% Wheat Flour – Vegan & Kosher without any additives.

Product Name Barcode (UPC) Unit Weight Packaging Unit per Carton Carton per Pallet Total Units per Pallet
Couscous Medium 729000 4771003 350 gr Pillow Bag 24 100 2400
Couscous Thin 7290004771027  350 gr Pillow Bag 24 100 2400
Couscous Thick 7290004771034  350 gr Pillow Bag 24 100 2400
Whole Wheat Couscous 7290004771157 350 gr Pillow Bag 24 100 2400
Toasted Pasta Couscous 7290004771355 500 gr Pillow Bag 15 100 1500
Toasted Pasta Rice 7290004771362 500 gr Pillow Bag 15 100 1500
Toasted Pasta Stars 7290004771379 500 gr Pillow Bag 15 100 1500
Toasted Pasta Rings 7290004771386 500 gr Pillow Bag 15 100 1500
Toasted Pasta Hearts 7290004771393 500 gr Pillow Bag 15 100 1500
Toasted Pasta with Onion 7290004771331 500 gr Pillow Bag 15 100 1500



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Dairy Free
Long Shelf Life
Low Sodium
Natural Ingredients
No Added Sugar
No Preservatives

Technical Information

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Storage Condition




Shelf Life 1 Year
Lead Time 90 Days
MOQ Production 2 Pallets
MOQ Packaging (PL) 3 Pallets






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