Diversify your products range with an ever-expanding selection of trending & innovative Israeli products.

Export IL is a B2B platform that enables you to diversify your product range by discovering and sourcing trending, innovative and emerging Israeli products. Choose from a variety of categories; from foods, to cosmetics, to packaging and way more, with an ever expanding selection of food and non-food products.  

From sourcing to shipping and beyond, our dedicated customer centric team of professionals is available 24/7 to support your business needs and help you close deals in minimum time & maximum efficiency for a seamless import process. Grow your business and discover the next great product with Export IL.

Export IL is powered by Daroma-Tzafona, a non-profit organization dedicated to help bring high level Israeli manufacturers to the global arena.

About Daroma-Tzafona 

DaromaTzafona LTD (PBC) is a non-profit company established in 2007 by a unique partnership of Israeli and Jewish international industrialists and philanthropists. Its mission is to transform the landscape of economic opportunity and bring sustainable socioeconomic change to Israel.

Driven by leaders who are committed to Israel’s future, DaromaTzafona invests in business growth, mainly in exporters and manufacturers in Israel’s outlying regions, a vital component for strengthening Israel’s economy.

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Giora Baran
Chief Executive Officer at Export IL by Daroma-Tzafona
Henny Lotan
VP Business Development
Dan Hecht
Managing Director
Shelley Hecht
Or Shiron
Export Manager
Michael Schneiderman
Export Manager
Odeya Sharon
Export Manager
Dor Oren
Export Coordinator