As people become more conscious of what they eat and drink, many are shunning carbonated beverages and are instead reaching out for fruit based drinks. It is estimated that the fruit drink market was worth a colossal $39 billion in the US alone in 2020. But are all fruit drinks the same?

The first important differentiation that needs to be made is between fruit flavored drinks and fruit juices. Just because the label shows pictures of beautifully ripe fruit on it does not mean that it contains much fruit or any at all. So it is important to actually read the label and check not just how much fruit is actually in it but which fruits it contains if any. Don’t go by the picture. Of course less fruit probably means more sugary water and which health conscious person wants to drink sugary water?

Many people drink juice for the goodness that they contain, especially the vitamins. They consider it to be one of their five a day. This is admirable but researchers say that it is still preferable to eat the fruit straight from the tree. When choosing a fruit juice for the vitamin content, it is of course preferable to go for 100% freshly squeezed juices. When they are from concentrate or long life or contain other ingredients, they just won’t have the same nutritional value.

If we conclude that it is always best to buy freshly squeezed fruit drinks, we need to choose exactly which fruits we want in it to suit what our bodies need and what our taste buds crave. Of course companies such as Keshet in Israel produce fruit juices in an amazing array of flavors, using a variety of fruits all with different qualities. These can be bought from the chiller section in a supermarket which is really convenient for those who like to keep a bottle in their refrigerator at home.

The ultimate fruit juices, of course, are those that you select the exact fruit that you want and you watch them being pressed. Whilst we know what we like, are we really experts in the exact amount of each vitamin each fruit contains and what our body actually needs? You can juice fruit at home but there is a growing trend in juice and smoothie bars. In 2020 the smoothie bar sector was valued at $ 2.3 billion in the US alone. They can be found in so many places and they are experts in pressing juices with all different benefits and the best part of it is that people can grab them and go. A convenient drink on the run without the guilt.

Not all fruit drinks are equal. Some are not even fruit drinks or have only just waved at an apple. If cost is not an issue, then going for a freshly squeezed juice is of course the best thing to do. For the ultimate experience and to pamper yourself, pop by your local juice bar.