In 2020, in the U.S. we spent a massive $103.6 billion on our pets. To those people who do not own a pet, this kind of spending must seem preposterous but to those of us who own pets we know that they are a part of the family and are worth every penny. 

Some of the money we spend on our pets is so that we can spoil them. Whilst we may not want to admit it, buying that expensive ball with the bell in it for our cat or a fancy dress costume for Halloween, may be more for us than for our feline friend. We then get to necessities such as dog or cat food. We have the choice of buying the most basic, cheapest food so that they won’t be hungry or buying much more expensive, scientifically proven to make your animal healthier food. Do we need to stretch our finances for the better pet food, probably not but we do it because we value our pets and want to give them the best possible life. 

When it comes to our pets being sick or suffering, everyone agrees that we are unable to watch them in discomfort and we will spend and do anything that we need to to alleviate their pain. We will take them to vets we trust and have a good reputation until they can no longer help them, no matter what the cost. 

One of the discomforts our furry friends suffer from is unwanted pests, such as ticks and fleas. It troubles us to see them incessantly scratching and we will do anything we can to rid them of the annoying mites. They are not just an annoyance but can also be transmitted to us causing us to scratch. Moreover, fleas can transmit diseases and therefore are potentially quite serious to the health of the animal and the human. 

When treating our pets against fleas and ticks our main consideration is of course that whatever we use will actually work. It is important that it has been scientifically proven to work and not have any nasty side-effects. We also want to check how easy and how regularly the product needs to be applied, nobody wants to fight with their dog and cat on a regular basis to apply the product, trying to tell them that it is for their own good does not seem to hold any weight! Finally, many of us are looking for a more natural remedy. Just as people are starting to see the value of using only natural products on their skin, they want the same for their animals. 

Companies such as Solano, based in Israel, have a range of traditional products for the treatment of fleas and ticks and some more natural products. Their products range from sprays, drops and collars. They have all been thoroughly tested to make sure that they are safe and effective. The range reflects the different preferences of the owners and how they like to treat their animals and keep them pest free for as long as possible. 

With all the different effective products available from companies such as Solano, there is no reason for us to watch our poor pets suffer. They can be flea and tick free and stay that way!