The Dead Sea is one of the most intriguing natural phenomena on Earth, located just on the border between Israel and Jordan. Ever since Biblical times there was a mystical allure related to the Dead Sea and many sought it for its  healing and beauty abilities.

The salinity of the lake is so high, 10 times higher than a regular seawater that not only will nothing grow or live in it, hence the name, but it also allows you to float with no effort whatsoever. 

The water of the Dead Sea contains a level of salt and minerals known for their powerful healing properties. It’s a world-known destination for treating skin hazards. 

There is no question that stating that a product comes from a specific place gives it providence. Stating that it comes from a specific place which has unique natural characteristics gives it an unauthenticated confidence in the product over others. 

If we take the mud from the Dead Sea and analyze it, we find that it has high levels of different minerals in it. The minerals it contains are sulfur, magnesium, calcium, chloride, sodium, bromide, potassium and other trace elements. In all there are 21 essential minerals and 12 are unique to the Dead Sea! 

Each mineral has its own qualities: Magnesium improves the skin’s moisture level, soothes and heals and enhances the skin’s metabolism. Potassium balances the skin’s moisture level and maintains a healthy skin pH. Calcium protects skin cells, regulates oil production, balances and tones. Zinc enhances skin renewal, is antioxidant rich, and soothes and heals. Bromine calms and soothes skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Sulfur is a natural antibacterial and contains essential vitamins. Sodium fortifies the skin so it can absorb moisture better and enhances the skin’s metabolism, and manganese is antioxidant rich, improves skin circulation and improves skin elasticity.

So there is no question that whilst the Dead Sea may be a unique selling point, the goodness these products contain are unquestionable. Many companies wish to sell these products under their own labels, whether they be cosmetic distributors, hotels or spas. Companies such as TDOT can be relied upon to produce the best quality Dead Sea water, salt and mud so that they can offer their customers the best and most effective product and not just a gimmick.