On a sunny day we all like to get outside, kick our shoes off, settle back in a comfy chair and take in a few rays. With more people working from home than ever before, people have started to spend more time in their outdoor spaces whether they be an expansive garden with a luscious grassed area, a small yard or a balcony with a view.

As we spend more time in our outdoor spaces, we constantly think about how to improve them. Planting begonias and rhubarb were seen to be the pensioners occupation but more and more the average person is trying to find ways to improve their surroundings.

Without horticultural expertise or a lot of regular time to devote to enhancing their yards and balconies, people are looking for simple solutions. They primarily want a place to sit, to entertain, for the kids to play and it is a bonus if it looks pretty. The last thing they want to do in their precious spare time is to commit to regular digging, weeding or pruning. 

Furthermore, they don’t want to spend a lot of time improving their surroundings, they want to be able to use the space now. This has led people to driving over to their local garden center, choosing what they need, sticking it in their car, driving home, setting it up, and immediately benefiting from their purchase. They do not want to go shopping and then place an order which won’t be delivered for a number of weeks. By that time the sun may have disappeared. People are therefore buying more and more flatpack items for their gardens. Tables, chairs and ornaments. Buy it today, enjoy it today and have the satisfaction that you built it yourself. Of course the other benefit to picking it up and building it yourself is the reduced cost.

Many people have got used to buying flatpack furniture but for those who like to add a little cheer to their gardens the newest product is flatpack pot holders. They arrive in a cardboard envelope, you take them out, fold them open and place your pots inside. Assembly time thirty seconds, enjoyment time infinite. This innovative way of organizing and displaying your pots was invented by Porat Metal based in Israel. Your multitude of pots with pretty flowers which sat on the ground in an uninspiring jumble can now be turned into a work of art. Before being assembled they are so thin that they are cheap to mail and will take absolutely no space up in your car. The end result though really lifts your outdoor space.

Let’s face it, having a chair to sit on outside is great, having beautiful surroundings to enjoy at the same time is priceless. You no longer need lots of money, experience, skills or time to create a pretty place to relax. Just head over to your garden center or click on your computer and soon you will have furniture and ornaments to enhance your outdoor area. Enjoy the sun!