When people go on holiday, they are hoping to be pampered and they are willing to pay for it. When picking a luxury break, they look at reviews and star ratings. When they arrive at the hotel it is the little touches that matter. The quality of the bedlinen, the view from the room, the interior design and of course the complimentary toiletries.


A Recognized Name

Dead sea products are an extensive range of cosmetics and skincare products that contain minerals and salts from the Dead Sea. They have many health benefits such as moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, and soothing the skin. Dead Sea products include creams, lotions, masks, scrubs, salts, muds, and more.

Whilst, there are many natural cosmetic and skincare products available today, with many potent natural ingredients, the most well known by far are those made from the salt and minerals from the Dead Sea. The reason it seems is because people have known about its benefits for generations, way before the trend for natural products took off. They are well marketed around the world, both within stores and out of carts in malls. Most importantly, the name Dead Sea, has provenance and takes people back in time or paints the picture of floating serenely in the salt laden Dead Sea, which is synonymous with its ability to heal.

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Use it to Your Advantage

Many hotels and spas have started to take advantage of the Dead Sea name and are offering the products in many ways throughout their hotel’s operation.

Nameless shampoos and soaps left in the bathroom can be uplifted by becoming Dead Sea shampoos and soaps. The extra cost is worthwhile as the guest is willing to pay more for the experience. Some hoteliers may use well known brands whilst others may decide to have their own name stamped on the bottle, as they try to harness the luxury into their own brand.

By providing extra complimentary products such as hand and face creams, you are providing something unexpected, putting you above the competition. This is something that will be remembered.



Many hotels have spas, whilst they can use cheap products on their clients, by letting them know that the products they are pampering with are Dead Sea products, the client feels that the treatment they are getting is extra special.


Gift Shops

Many hotels enjoy the extra service and of course income stream that a hotel shop provides. Whilst of course local souvenirs are always a great seller, so are indulgent products. Dead Sea products are certainly indulgent products that are both bought for personal use and as presents for others. In this case it may be beneficial to have a known label such as Level on the product or decide to get a company such as Level to produce it with the hotel’s own branding on it.


Harnessing the Dead Sea

Dead Sea products with their provenance and well known health benefits can add an extra sense of luxury to any hotel. This in turn leads to a happier guest, better ratings and more business.