There is nothing worse than watching our four-legged friends habitually scratching. We really feel their discomfort and at the same time, we are on edge that perhaps they will transfer whatever is making them itch to our other furry friends or even to us or our homes.

Gaining control over this problem is very important. The most common parasites that visit and inflict themselves on our pets are: fleas, ticks, sand flies and calve flies.

There are 2500 species of flea. Fleas are flightless insects that survive by drawing blood. To survive and flourish they need warm and moist conditions, without them they will die out. With the right conditions they will thrive and jump from food source to food source spreading disease as they do so.

Technically speaking a tick is a species of spider. They also draw blood as a way of them continuing their lifecycle. If our pets kindly share them with us, they can cause allergic reactions and even transmit diseases to us.

The sand fly, which is more common in rural areas, can transmit Leishmaniasis. This cannot be transmitted to a human but can be fatal to animals.

Finally, the calves fly is also a blood sucker and can transmit diseases from our animals to ourselves. Their bite can leave sores or wounds in the animal’s ears and noses.

It is important to find an effective preventative treatment and cure for these parasitic pests. There are many products on the market. Many include strong chemicals, which could be harmful, whilst some are more natural remedies. Some are good at getting rid of the problem whilst others are better as a prevention once the problem is under control.

The best way of controlling the problem is often to disturb it’s lifecycle. There are washes, which can be a temporary solution as are special electronic combs. There are also some very strong chemicals but they may be harmful to the pet and the owner.

On some occasions, manufacturers have created something that ticks all the boxes. Solano Pet Care has created a range of products from collars, to drops to sprays that are safe for your environment and effective at killing and warding away these parasites. Some of them are waterproof and last for up to six months making keeping on top of the problem so much easier.

Helping our feline and canine friends deal with parasites has never been easier and safer. Don’t wait till you see them scratch to deal with the issue.