There is a quiet revolution taking place in the packaging industry. The way goods are being packaged is changing, this time for the better. Better for the consumer, distributor and also the manufacturer. Some of the changes are a wink at practices from days gone by and some are simple but revolutionary changes.

The purpose of packaging is to ensure the product reaches its end user in pristine condition. In the past that has been ensured by carefully enshrining our products in multiple layers. A simple package of apples can be intricately presented with an identifying sticker on each individual apple, placed on a tray, shrink wrapped with a colorful paper sticker on the plastic. Consumers are now becoming more eco-conscious and aware of extraneous packaging and there has been a backlash on this kind of practice as people have become more aware and vocal concerning the issues of sustainability.

The European Commission has stated that “By the end of 2024, EU countries should ensure that producer responsibility schemes are established for all packaging.” They then go on to give targets to the manufacturer. This does not give manufacturers much more time to act and they are feverishly trying to find solutions now so that they will not find themselves in trouble when it is too late.

The manufacturer is starting to strip down their packaging process to the bare minimum and are rethinking the best way of presenting their products so they can be easily transported and still look appealing.

A good example of this can be seen in the drinks market. Drink cartons and bottles can be tricky to group together when selling as a multipack because of their shape and weight. Traditionally they were placed in thick, printed cardboard boxes. They would generally hold up to the weight of the products but they used a lot of cardboard and generally needed two hands to pick up. They used a lot of packaging placing the sustainable credentials of the company under the spotlight.

A revolutionary solution to carrying bottles, cartons and other products together is the MOPP Carry Handle Tape, produced by Davik. The carry handle can be made in a variety of materials and can be printed upon. Not only are they strong and capable of carrying up to 18KG but they can be recycled. They can be attached to the products themselves or to the strong recyclable plastic that encapsulates them.

Carry Handle Tape provides an economical, practical way of packaging and carrying products in a secure manner for the manufacturer whilst also keeping up with the current trend of reducing packaging, therefore ticking the sustainable box and keeping the consumer happy. The search for more sustainable packaging solutions continues, speared on by governmental organisations, consumers and manufacturers. New materials, new processes and a look back to the past will lead to packaging that is not just functional but also eco-friendly. The packaging revolution will continue and gain pace for the good of our planet.