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The Jahshan Company is a pioneering olive farming family business, specializing in the manufacture of premium olive oil. Beyond our exceptional olive oil offerings, we also craft an array of other exquisite olive-based products, all crafted to showcase the versatility and richness of this remarkable fruit.

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Seven Generations of Excellence

The Jashan family’s olive oil legacy, rooted in the Galilee’s fertile soil, began in 1863 when our family settled in Majar village. For over seven generations, our family has nurtured this land, creating a bond that transcends time. 

Through the years, we have cultivated an array of five olive varieties, each distinguished by its unique flavor profiles and exceptional attributes, perfectly tailored to various culinary applications. Our reputation as adept olive farmers and producers has been an integral part of our journey, serving as the cornerstone for our lasting success.

From Land to Table: The Jahshan Olive Oil Journey

We take care of our olive trees all year round, giving them all they need to thrive. With thorough lab tests and the expertise of our tasters, we ensure that every bottle of olive oil we produce is  truly exceptional. Our family has a strong bond with this land, and that connection shines through in every drop of our olive oil. When you enjoy our olive oil, you’re experiencing the essence of the Galilee.

Visit our factory

Our visitor center embodies a world of olive oil expertise. Adjacent to the center is our flagship store with a delightful array of products, including olive oils, a wide variety of olives, tahini, spices, honey, and a unique cosmetics line infused with our special Galilean olive oil. 

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