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Jordan Spirits is an artisanal beverage company that specializes in the creation of premium alcoholic beverages from Medjool Dates. They are crafted in a unique process with a combination of ingredients that takes one on a journey of flavors, and sensations with remedies that are rooted in the land.

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Reviving an ancient craft in a modern world

Jordan Spirits brings together the essence of innovation and tradition, breathing new life into an ancient craft. Our journey is a voyage through time, culture, and nature’s bounty. With Medjool Dates at our core, we are using technology to give it a contemporary interpretation. At Jordan Spirits, we don’t just create beverages; we craft experiences, inviting all to join us in a sensory adventure unlike any other.

The Spirit of the Valley

Located in the Valley of Springs, a region renowned for its rich history of date cultivation, we’ve established collaborations with local farmers. Rejecting the idea of wasting a top-quality product because of its appearance, we transform imperfect dates, often deemed unsuitable for export or retail due to their appearance, into premium raw materials for our ZOARA distillery. This innovative approach allows us to convert waste from one industry into the cornerstone of another. We ferment dates, transforming them into a golden date liquor. Infused with our local herbs, we carefully blend the alcohol with an array of indigenous botanicals, crafting distinctive gin, arak, and other drinks that capture the spirit of our surroundings. Each bottle of Jordan Spirits brings premium craftsmanship of artisanal beverages.

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Our distillery is located at Moshav Revaya in the Valley of Springs. With lush date orchards and the serene beauty of a sky full of pelicans, our distillery is surrounded by natural beauty that enriches our daily craftsmanship with inspiration and tranquility.


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