Our quest for healthy hair and blemish free skin can make us believe all manner of claims that are placed before us by advertising gurus in the names of scientists. They can persuade us to part with huge sums of money so as to plaster ourselves in chemical concoctions so that we can look our best. We know that if we look good we are likely to feel good and that makes us follow promises without considering the other options.

People are starting to go back to basics. More and more people are starting to demand organic food and drink. In 2020 the organic food and beverage market in the US was worth $255 billion and that is projected to rise to an astounding $850 billion by 2028. At the same time that people are considering what they are putting in their bodies, they are also considering what they put on their bodies. In 2019 the global natural cosmetics market was estimated to be worth $36 billion and is predicted to grow to $54 billion by 2027.

People feel that by using natural hair and skin products, they can be kinder to their skin and hair and uphold the ideals that they live by. When people choose a natural remedy they often feel that they are connecting with the wisdom of previous generations.

The need to connect with previous generations is important but so is the provenance of the product. Most natural skin and hair cosmetics are produced in cottage industries where the producers put love and pride into what they produce and often have a story to tell. Arugot based in Israel is a fine example of this. Esther, who owns the company, travelled to remote places in the world looking for tried and tested concoctions that she could produce for the benefits of others. At the same time she lived their more tranquil lifestyles, benefiting from their serenity. Whilst pregnant she started to take stock of the cosmetics, soaps and toothpastes she was using and she realized that they were mostly chemical based. She couldn’t comprehend the necessity of using these artificial products. On the other hand she found it difficult to find good alternatives. So she looked round her garden and started making alternatives from what she found around her. Her company was formed.

Many consumers worry that by choosing natural products they may not be safe or effective. Whilst this may be true on occasions, companies such as Arugot Organic Wellness make sure that everything is tested for quality, safety and effectiveness in their own laboratories and they often even have recognized safety and quality certificates.

As the beauty industry starts to turn back to more traditional remedies, they also turn forward to modern technology to make sure that they are as good as they can be. Those who wish to treat their hair and skin using only natural organic products can now rest assured that not only is there plenty of choice but the proven quality and effectiveness of the products can now be proven. There is no longer a need to use commercially produced, chemical based mass produced products when you can pamper yourself with natural remedies made with love.