ECO Kraft Tape

ECO Kraft Tape

The perfect PAPER packaging choice, whether you’re packing, moving or shipping. With this tape you get exactly what you need, heavy-duty, effective, easy to use, and as a bonus it is also sustainable!! No plastic, just paper. The adhesive is really strong as each tape is uniquely designed with a special adhesive formula that effectively […]

Resealable Finger Lift tape

Finger Lift Tape

Maintain freshness and improve your customer’s experience with the resealable finger lift tapes – a self adhesive tape that can be opened or closed numerous times without losing its adhesion. Each roll has a non-adhesive part colored – the width and the design of each part can be fully customized. The product is suitable for […]



The all-in-one pest control & monitoring system for greenhouse, indoor and net house farming. Sticky (from two sides) roller sheets that help to reduce insecticide residues due to less spraying. Unique, long lasting, dry adhesive which captures flying insect pests.   Other sizes are possible per request. Possible colors: yellow, blue & black. Option to […]

Bundle-Multipack Tape

Bundle multipack

BOPP film coated with special adhesive formula, specially designed for bundling consumer products into multipacks. Bundle Tape advantages: Firmly holds the pack. Easy to remove without damaging the product pack and/or label graphics. Sustainable: alternative to shrink films, banding, boxes or bags, thus reducing plastic consumption and waste. Can be custom printed with a logo […]

Carry Handle Tape

Carry Handle Tape

The ultimate adhesive carry handle add-on; eco-friendly, cost-effective, strong and versatile. Carry handles are customized according to the request. Carry handles can vary for the film used and lamination used. Carry handles can be applied either for automatic or manual usage. Fully customizable: By size By design By adhesive used (different formula for carton, PET […]