Multiple years of research, tasting and fine tuning have yielded a refined classic gin, with a unique local twist. Local herbs and spices like Baladi Cucumber and Jasmine mingle perfectly alongside classic Juniper and Angelica. Uniquely featured is Mastic, a famous spice relied on in Greece’s local spirit “Mastika”. Barcode (UPC) Unit Weight Packaging Unit […]

Matured Eau De Vie De Bière

Matured Eua De Vie De Bière

Matured distillate 44% is a distillate Malka that underwent a controlled aging process in French oak barrels and American oak barrels, which gave it its golden-amber color, deep oak and sweet vanilla flavors, and rich aroma of new barrels. After aging in barrels, we created the ultimate blend – an aromatic distillate that balances the […]

Eau De Vie De Bière

Eua De Vie De Bière

Malka Distillate 44.4% – made from Malka Blond Ale, one of Israel’s pioneering craft beers and our flagship beer. Malka Blond Ale is rich in unique flavors thanks to the whole oranges and coriander seeds that we add during the brewing process. Barcode (UPC) Unit Weight Packaging Unit per Carton Carton per Pallet Total Units […]