The kumquat is a remarkable food that originates from China but is now grown in the warmer states of the USA and Israel. Kumquat means golden orange and when you look at its amazing shape and shiny peel as they sit on their perfectly formed trees, they really do look like golden nuggets.

Kumquats lack the popularity of their citrus cousins as they are small and most people find the flesh too tart. The peel is actually refreshingly sweet and many people just eat  that. People are gradually learning how to use the kumquat as a garnish or a vital ingredient when creating a culinary masterpiece.

Kumquats, although small, are remarkably good for you. Here are some of their health benefits:

Hydration – Although small, kumquats are very hydrating as up to about 80% of their volume is actually made up of water.

Filling – Despite being rather small, they have a high water and fiber content making them very filling for those who like to eat the whole fruit. This also makes them a great filling but low calorie option for those people trying to lose weight.

Vitamin C – Kumquats are packed with vitamin C. A 100g serving which is approximately 5 kumquats provides over 70% of the RDA’s recommended daily amount of the vitamin that on top of other things helps your immune system work well.

Flavonoids – Those people who only eat the peel can also benefit. The peel is filled with flavonoids which are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which may protect against heart disease and cancer.

Essential Oils – Not only do the essential oils contained in the fruit produce a pleasing aroma, they also contain limonene which is a great antioxidant helping to repair the body.

Kumquats have many health benefits despite their small size. Sourcing them out of season can be a challenge but companies such as Gurramו who have a huge orchard overlooking the Sea of Galilee, can them naturally without the use of preservatives so that people can have a supply all year round. To gain from them fully, you need to be willing to eat the whole fruit. Those people who like to stick to just eating the sweet peel and shunning the zesty pulp can still gain from the health benefits of the kumquat but to a much smaller degree.