Many people refer to the date as nature’s candy. When you take a bite into a date you get an amazing sweet sensation, unparalleled in any other fruit. Infact, in the Old Testament the Land of Israel is said to be blessed with many things including honey. This is not the honey made from bees but rather from the sweet dates that grow in the area.

Dates, in particular Medjool dates, have many great qualities apart from their deep, sweet taste and beautifully soft texture.

Dates are the perfect health food if you wish to lose weight or maintain a good weight. They are Low in fat and calories. While chocolate contains 30 percent fat or even more, Medjool dates contain less than half a percent of fat. A perfect snack when you crave something sweet.

Medjool dates are great for your digestion. They are high in dietary fiber and the rate of carbohydrate absorption into the blood (Glycemic index) is medium. They also help to maintain a normal and healthy function of the digestive system. Medjools therefore are a great healthy snack.

Dates are a great natural energy snack. Most of us need energy in between meals. Medjools are a super-food rich in fiber, minerals and antioxidants and give a great natural energy  boost, just when you need it.     

Medjools are rich in available carbohydrate, effectively providing the muscles with the required energy before, during and after exercise. They are therefore a great food for athletes or those working out in the gym.

They are low in sodium and rich in potassium. Medjools, as well as other fruits, have low sodium content. In addition, Medjool dates are unique in that their potassium content is very high.

Medjool dates are rich in magnesium and contain calcium. These minerals are important for maintaining normal blood pressure levels.

They can help you maintain a  healthy heart as they are rich in polyphenols and effective antioxidants, which inhibit the oxidation of LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and neutralize free radicals. Interestingly, unlike many dried fruits, Medjool dates dry naturally on the tree, as part of their natural ripening process, without the need for the use of any preservatives  making them absolutely natural.

There are many companies picking and packaging Medjool dates and creating products based on dates. Many such as Tivit in Israel have a great tradition of doing so. They pride themselves in the quality and freshness of their dates.

Medjool dates and products made from them are not just packed with goodness and provide many, many health benefits but they really are a great sweet substitute for snacks such as chocolate or even energy bars.