It is interesting to observe the huge variety of foods that are readily available to those who want choice. Walking through town you can travel all five continents as you pass different restaurants, with their very different cuisines. The “World Food” aisle in the supermarkets is far larger than it ever was and products that were once considered to be exotic are now placed alongside other staple products.

The global dip and sauce market was estimated to be worth around $138 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $220 billion by the end of 2026. As people’s palettes are becoming more developed, people are demanding more choice from around the world. The hummus market on its own is currently seeing 12% annual growth leading to hummus manufactures being forced to ramp up production.

There is an amazing array of dips that are easily available on the market. They include a vast variety of hummus, techina, eggplant salads, matbucha, Moroccan carrot salad and zucchini salad to name just a few. Unlike other foods, where people will buy one variety, when it comes to dips, people will pick up a few different packages to compliment the food that they are preparing.

As with many popular foods and especially those seeing good growth, supermarkets, regional food distributors and caterers want to capitalize on the opportunity and produce these products under their own label. This is always a costly thing to do and can also be quite risky. Producing dips is even harder as the consumer expects a variety and this means that the factory needs more equipment to cope which makes it harder and more risky to produce them privately. Furthermore, as they are refrigerated products, you can’t just produce a few batches a year and put a large quantity into storage until needed, they need to be produced regularly. 

To remove these risks, it is a good idea to outsource to a company that specializes and is already set up to make these products. They are making them in huge quantities, with well equipped lines and specialist staff and with modern shipping methods, they can speedily dispatch them across the globe. By outsourcing you end up having your name on a good variety of top quality, fresh products. 

There are a number of large manufacturers who produce salads and dips. One of the leaders in Israel is Shamir Salads. They were established in 1974, and have exported their products across the world both under their own name and also for others for two decades. They have a large well equipped factory that can produce 2500 tons of salad a month. This means that they can not just meet increased capacity from consumers but they can adapt what they produce quickly to meet market needs and clients exacting requirements.

When putting your own name on a product, you need to make sure that the product is exceptional as your reputation relies on it. Producing a great variety of dips, adapting quickly to the market and making sure that the products are fresh is a tough job. That is why outsourcing dips and salads is really the only sensible and safe choice that a distributor can make.