2021 was a hell of a year. With lockdowns, working from home and health scares, people have adjusted their lives and that includes how they eat. Here are some of the likely food trends that we will see in 2022.

Plant Based Meat

The plant based meat sector is seeing an amazing boom. The amount of products available is evident just by walking through your local supermarkets. Press coverage of the most hightech, realistic meat substitutes has been everywhere. The quality in terms of taste, texture and nutrition has improved greatly. There are more vegetarians and vegans than ever before but interestingly there is a growing group of flexitarians. Flexitarians are people who eat a lot of plant based foods but will still occasionally eat meat. Some might call them non-committed vegetarians! Companies such as Chefman who produce soy based, nutritionally balanced meat alternatives and Teva Deli whose products are mostly grain based have seen a jump in sales over the last few years.

Spice it Up!

Many people have found themselves stuck at home. They no longer have long commutes to the office and the result is more time to cook! Their cooking is becoming more imaginative and they are looking to create the ultimate taste sensation. To help them out companies such as Asif produce a selection of delicious sauces to enhance your pastas or other dishes. If you are looking to produce your sauces yourself or season your food with the freshest tasting herbs you can get without picking them from your garden then companies such as Super Cubes produce flash frozen herbs that come in  handy servings to be popped into your creation.

Healthy Snacking

Being stuck at home means that you are stuck near the snack cupboard which is dangerous! After putting on weight, many people have decided that if they are going to snack, they might as well do it the healthy way. Granola bars and packs are popular snacks and companies such as Effectiveat have been ticking all the boxes by making them gluten free and vegan. HaSadeh also produce healthy organic snacks both for adults and children including peanut puffs which are a great first food for weaning children.

So there we have it! Let’s look back at the end of 2022 and see whether these predictions were correct and what other culinary delights and fads surprise us during 2022.